Importation fees


You don’t need to contact us. UB export will notify us at the appropriate time. Then we will contact you.

Importation Fees

We offer a service of importation for specific items. The fees will vary depending on the value of the selected item.


Item cost  Importation fees
0-249$ 25$
250$ + 25$ + 5% of the value*


Other charges

-10$ per box for reception

-Shipping to your location if needed


The item selected for an importation must respect all American laws and exportation politics.

The taxes will be applicable on the Canadian value of the item at the date of entering Canada

The items coming from the USA and Mexico must be accompanied of an Certificate of Origin in order to enjoy the Free Trade Agreement or you will have an extra charge for the Duty Tax.

 To check SH code

*At the date of entering Canada

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